{Essen in Hamburg} Mr. Kebab - our favorite Turk between hill and neighborhood

D The nuclear family has fall. And that's really wonderful. The whole summer was super busy - we were all together on vacation on Malle, then the child was with grandma in Bremen, I was in Canada, worked in the agency and cooked at the IFA show, the man was traveling professionally, then was the child back at grandma. Time just flew by. And then we suddenly found ourselves together in our living room on a weekend in early September. Everyone was back. Where they belong.

I did not realize just how much fun family life was missing out there when we did the normal weekend things we always do together. On Saturday morning (rather late) go breakfast together, then drive over the Schanzenflohmarkt and grab a lunch somewhere. Every now and then we actually make it the few hundred yards over the big intersection from the flea market to Mr. Kebab. One of our family anchorages. At the moment, I can not think of anything better than spending a Saturday-early afternoon with the man and the child, having some feasting and a bit of nonsense.

Mr. Kebab is our declared favorite Turk between Schanze and Kiez. Most of the time he's jam-packed with a fun mix of people from the neighborhood (with and without children) and hip-headed people who come from the shopping spree in the Danish boutiques on the Galao line ... um ... the shoulder blade. Mr. Kebab is famous for its colorful glass mosaic lamps and special tiles. And somehow everything is a bit different here. Although there is also kebab from the typical rotisserie, but actually the fried vegetables and the Mr. Kebab salad with mountains of appetizers as a topping are the secret stars. On the menu there are also burgers with meat and vegetarian options, various grilled dishes and the appropriate fashionable beers, lemonades and cocktails.

You sit on old school chairs or on benches at long tables and on the walls hang Oriental Carpets and family pictures hanging somehow 10 years ago. Everything is colorful, happy and uncomplicated. And when the store is full, a bit tight and very loud. But Mr. Kebab is a safe bank and the nuclear family can always rely on him and his menu.

Thanks, exciting summer, it was very nice with you! But now we're just getting really comfortable with the fall and our favorite places.

Mr.to Thu .: 12: 00-23: 00
Fr. and Sat .: 12: 00-00: 00
Sun: 13: 00-22: 00