The world's best homemade chicken soup to get well

A ua head, dripping nose and cold feet? Or maybe heartache, red eyes and bad lovesickness? Only an ancient home remedy can help: chicken soup.

I believe in the healing magic of a homemade chicken soup. Rock hard. Something is there - it's just a little better afterwards. Is it because really only fresh, unadulterated ingredients and organic chicken come into the pot? Is it the warming and disinfecting spices that trigger the well-being? Or should it really be the case that the loving care and positive energy of the cook or cook goes into the soup and gives strength? Incidentally, in India, one is so convinced of the idea that women allow their husbands to deliver the food they have cooked at home over a distance of many kilometers to work in the city. There is a tremendously developed delivery culture in which food vendors even bring countless packets and food containers to their destination with trains.

Anyway, give it a try: become a soup magician for your sweetheart, mom or dad, best friend or even yourselves. And if you stir some positive thoughts and wishes into the soup while cooking, that will not hurt at all, ne.

Here's how it works:
Wash the chicken thigh, dab it dry and place it in a saucepan with the water. Peel the onion, ginger and turmeric, chop finely with the chili (wear gloves!) And add 1 teaspoon salt to the pot with cloves, bay leaves and laurel. Boil and simmer for 30 minutes on low heat .

In the meantime, clean the soup and the kohlrabi and cut into small cubes.

Den Cook the cooked chicken thighs from the broth, set aside on a plate and let cool. Add the vegetables directly to the broth and simmer for 20 minutes .

Remove the skin from the cooled chicken thigh and discard. Remove the meat and cut into small cubes. Finally, put it back in the pot and season with salted nutmeg, salt and pepper. If too much of the soup is overcooked, simply top up with a sip of water before tasting.

Spoon into a blanket as hot as possible and feel the comforting warmth spread throughout the body. Get well soon!